Northbound Writers


Katie Semtner Stokes
Errant Territories   10

Cathy Anderson and Paul Ferendzo
One Man’s Treasure   23

C. A. Cirillo
The Sixth Man    44

Holly Cordova Gaskin
A Second Opinion    59
The Time Is Now    60
Adolph    62
Your Ghost   67 

Shari Culbertson
A Meadow Within    70

Barbara E. Tifft
Rust   80
Gerald and Marge   82
The Not Knowing    96

Debbie Paine
Scarred   103

Mary Elizabeth Myers
Until Soon  21
Death Changes Life  122
Tears   123
A Friend Like You  124
As Friends  125
Your Embrace    126
In The Midst of This Most Busy Day   127
5-28-08     128

NLH Paroubek
Wheat  130
Water Through Stone   131

Barbara Briggs Ward
Finding Santa   152

Patrick Thomas Morgan
In the Dark Before Dawn   171

Brandon Amo
Last Known Address    186

Darcy Elliott-Moore
To My Cousin Michelle   201
Sputnik    202
My Grandmother’s Farmhouse    203
The Tin Bucket    205

An Affair with Mother Nature   218
Tierra del Fuego, New York    221
Salmon River: A Late Winter Day    227

Michael Paul Kiblin
Maggie & Maury, Alien Safari   233

Caitlin Beal
Vacilando   256
First Heartbreak    262
History, Home, and a Big Plate of Food   265