Writing Poetry

You have ember-like memories, rich experiences…you often make startling or mystifying observations and you want to transform them into memorable verse. In short, you have something to say! This workshop will give you the tools & techniques to convert your discoveries, your insights, your fragments of thought & emotion into vivid and moving poems. Participants will learn how to shape sound, image, diction, meter and theme into well-crafted poems. This workshop is designed to enhance poetic skills whether you are a beginner simply looking for a place to start, or a poet looking to refine or perfect your creative work. Participants will also learn how and where to market their work. There are no pre-requisites for this course. 


Poetic Invention

Sonic & Sensory Levels

Rhetorical Tropes

Creative Typography

Developing Voice/Style

Symbols, Details & Imagery

Rhythm & Metrics

Traditional and Non-Traditional Forms

Lyrical, Narrative & Dramatic Modes