Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming for Writers, Artists & Other Designers

    The subconscious is a colossally priceless engine for creative design, but very few are able to access it directly for their own benefit. In this seminar you will learn to harness the subconscious—primarily through controlled dreams—in order to solve artistic problems, whether applied to writing, fine arts, music, invention, or any other imaginative act. Drawing on the best research and methods of neuroscience (not mysticism), we will explore how to task our subconscious with helping us in any creative endeavor. You will learn how to shape and then mine your dreams for solutions to enrich your creative activities. Can this truly be done? Consider that Otto Loewi once dreamed of an intricate experiment regarding the transmission of nerve impulses; he reproduced it and it led him to the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Paul McCartney overheard a classical string ensemble playing in a dream; he woke and transcribed the melody: the song turned out to be "Yesterday." Even Jack Nicklaus dreamed of a new golf swing that led to him to improve his game by ten strokes. Anyone can be taught to tap into their subconscious and enrich their imaginative life. We start with this seminar.