bob comenole

The Waterline Writers Academy offers a broad range of workshops that focus on developing creative, professional & personal writing. Our seminars are designed for both beginning writers who wish to learn fundamental techniques as well as seasoned writers wishing to acquire more advanced skills; there are no prerequisites. 

Please see the COURSES tabs above for more details on a sampling of the individual classes we offer. Please browse all other tabs above, as well, for a sense of the scope of the writing experiences we offer.

Several hundred learners of all ages and from all walks of life have taken our courses, which are held all across New York state and New England. Following their initial experience, more than 60% of participants in our workshops end up taking two, three or even four additional courses, a testament to the solid learning environment fostered in our classrooms.

Waterline has also published four anthologies of its students' works--about 235 pieces by over 100 different writers in 4 books totaling well over a thousand pages. 

Student anthologies may be previewed via the Student Work tab

The goal of the Academy's founder, Bob Comenole, is simply this: to bring writers out of whatever shelter they may be in—whether they have been exiled by lack of time, creativity, discipline, purpose or technique—and equip them with methods to meet their calling as a writer…to accelerate their growth as thinkers and artists.  And not least of all, to create writing communities that support and inspire one another.

Please join us!