Writers Journal

Keeping a Writers Journal 

Great writers keep notebooks. Beginning writers ought to! Writers' journals come in all flavors, and this workshop will explore a variety of techniques and strategies most useful for capturing & generating material that will ultimately prove useful in your polished works, no matter your chosen genre. Journaling is an indispensable aid to creativity. It also does more, much more: journaling frees you from the demands of always needing to be in control of perfect prose. It helps you monitor your progress as a writer, helps you discover patterns and meaning in the observations you make....and not least of all: helps you keep your writing commitments. It is probably the best tool in allowing you to trust in your own writing...and, naturally, to make sure you keep writing! The practice sharpens your vision and creates a wealth of material from which you can draw for your major works, enabling you to produce far more vivid and compelling material than those who begin with a cold page, unsupported by the depth of a good journal.