Students share their experiences in the Writers Workshops:

"Bob Comenole is a master teacher, and his classes inspire and motivate. Bob brings a sense of professionalism and scholarship to the table, serves them up in a relaxed manner, and presents them in an intimate atmosphere.  His demeanor is genuinely casual and respectful, but wonderfully dosed with empathy and good humor.  During the weeks of class I found myself impressed by the amount of writing I did (was it because he kept saying homework wasn't mandatory, or just that it was well-paced?) and I delighted in how he inspires participation.  His atmosphere feeds a writer's learning more than I realized, because when all is said and done I feel like I took a compressed college class WITHOUT the associated pressures of grading, timing, and performance anxiety.  And expense!  It all made me hungry for more!"

~ Leslie Shaw, Lyons

"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Bob Comenole not only knows his material but he loves his material. The combination makes for an excellent writing teacher. Bob drew a group of strangers into a supportive writing group. The content was excellent, the exercises imaginative; I don't think there is anything Bob doesn't know. My only regret was that course came to an end." 

~ Linda Rohrig, Manlius

“My experience in Bob's Personal Essay class was incredibly fulfilling, and the classmates I spoke with were of the same opinion. By first expertly fostering an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort with our new classmates and with him, Bob gave us the confidence and assurance we would need to make the most of the class. Every session was perfectly paced and the presentations and exercises engaging and challenging. Bob's passion for writing in all of its incarnations was always apparent and very inspiring. Though his knowledge seems boundless, his ego never surfaces: the sense is that he is purely enjoying the process of nudging us towards our own best way of becoming better writers. I hope to be able to take more courses from Bob in the future, and would recommend them to any one, at any point in their writing life.”

~ Debbie Paine, Batavia

“Being invited to attend Bob’s Writing for Children and Young Adults course was like having a treasure chest fall at my feet. I am sure glad that I opened it and plunged inside. Bob teaches with knowledge and experience. He showed us everything from how a child’s mind works to what makes a good story. His style is creative, relaxed, and informative. And he makes sure he attends to the needs of his students by keeping in touch with them outside of the classroom. Our final class, the critique session, was upbeat and positive. It gave me the urge to sit right down and get busy writing. If you are serious about your craft, this is the place for you!”

~ Joe Abbate, Fulton

"Bob's Writing for Children and Young Adults course is jam-packed with valuable information regarding the essential elements of all good children's literature. I have participated in other writing classes, but none has come near to the depth of analysis Bob presents. From subject matter, to story form, to writer's resources, to child psychology, to story prompts, to writing ‘buddies'... his course has it all!  Bob's enthusiasm and his wealth of knowledge and experience provide inspiration and direction for each student's writing. But most importantly, his willingness to go beyond the actual class time to conference with each student is alone ‘worth the price of admission'! I highly recommend this class to any writer, regardless of where he or she is on the ‘writing journey'!”

~ Bob Doolittle, Syracuse 

"What I want out of a creative writing course is for someone to guide me outside of my own mind and open up new ways to think, write and express myself as a writer and story-teller. That's exactly what I got from Bob Comenole's Creative Writing Seminar. Professor Comenole uses a variety of stimulating techniques and exercises that really helped me grow as a creative thinker and writer. The classes were also FUN! I'd give this class my highest rating. I feel I'm years ahead of where I would have been if I had tried to figure all this out by myself."

~ Gregory Simmons, Skaneateles 

“When I discovered there would be a writing class with a real writing professor and writer, right here in Watertown, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up. Having been trained in writing during college, I was a little nervous the class would cover only the basics and I would feel I'd wasted my time and money. But I can say, without hesitation, that Bob doesn't charge enough and I would have gladly stayed at that big table an entire week to pick his brain! 

During the "Overcoming Writers Block" and "Keeping a Writers Journal" classes, we covered not only the topics in the course titles, we also touched on what a writer's life is really like, as well as the mechanics of living day-to-day for improving our craft and protecting our passion. Bob left plenty of time for everyone's questions, answered thoughtfully, and made us all feel we possessed a valued talent that we could and would use to our personal—and, very possibly, to our professional—advantages.

I have spent the days since our first class rejiggering the time I would normally agonize over what I should be writing into time spent, you know, just writing. I don't always move forward, but Bob taught me sideways movement is often just as important. I feel better. I write better. And this is just the beginning.”

~ Katie Semtner Stokes, Watertown 

“I am now completing my third seminar taught by Bob. I have participated in Memoir Writing, Writing the Personal Essay and am finishing his seminar on Novel Writing this week. The classes have been delightful and informative. After many years of teaching writing to high school students, I would have said I knew the basics. Bob's methods have enhanced my writing and, I think, my teaching skills by giving me thought-provoking new perspectives on all the basics of good writing as well as an opportunity to share my own writing with others. He is a master teacher and his enthusiasm and skill made all these seminars more than worthwhile.”

~ Pam Keeler, Binghamton 

"Bob is so down to earth and his perspective honors each soul in the room. His years of experience are priceless. The class was supportive, clear and well-taught."

~ Joanne Mark, Elbridge 

“Bob elicits an inquisitive and inspired response from even the most hesitant writers who attend his writing seminars. He achieves this through thoughtful experienced commentary, excellent presentation of carefully selected material and the creation of a supportive learning environment that encourages risk taking. I have discovered my true writing voice while attending Bob's Writing Memoir and Creative Nonfiction seminars. It doesn't get much better than that.”

~ Linda Knowles, Oswego 

“Prof. Bob Comenole is an excellent teacher. He has a genuine warmth and authenticity that engages others to consider and honor that all have a voice and something valuable to share. His approach to teaching and his enthusiasm is inspiring and affirming. He creates a relaxed and welcoming environment that encourages discussion and opens channels for a creative flow of expression. He uses a variety of exercises, writing techniques and visual experiences to create excitement; participants were moved to express themselves more clearly, colorfully and sensitively, as well as to read and hear other's words with a deeper appreciation. Reading now has a new dimension; I now have a heightened awareness of prose and a deeper appreciation of other authors’ works. For whatever reason one might join Mr. Comenole's courses, one can certainly be enriched in variety of ways. I have recommended his classes highly.”

~ Carol Golembeski, Binghamton 

"Bob creates an atmosphere of confidence for the student before each session. No matter where one might be in their writing journey, Bob is able to bring a group together, allowing individual dynamics to converge in an extremely productive and positive manner. We each walked away learning a great deal through creative visuals and exercises."

~ Mary Beth Bronk, Skaneateles 

“Bob's class Writing for Children & Young Adults was one of the best writing courses I have ever taken. His vast storehouse of knowledge for all levels and ages of children's writing was an asset to his students. Bob had a way of presenting the information that was helpful, and comprehensible, and tailored to the individual needs of his students. His style of delivery was easy and enjoyable, often with a hint of humor. I also liked the fact that he gave the students time to share and present their work to their peers. Bob offered constructive though gentle criticism. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in writing for children.” 

~ Nancy C. Prosser, Auburn 

“As a professional biographer, and amateur playwright and screenwriter, I found Bob’s Writers Retreat to be informative as well as regenerative. Bob covered conventional topics, as well as innovative techniques to which I had never been exposed. The environment he created for the group was fun, but he kept us on task and we managed to cover the materials he meant for us to cover. He also put a lot of time and effort into the advice he gave me on my own project. Bob Comenole is just plain passionate about challenging and guiding writers to be the best they can be.” 

~ Linda Lazar Curatolo, Mount Clemens, Mich. 

“I have taken two different writing seminars with Bob and found both to be very positive experiences. I learned valuable writing techniques and exercises to initiate ideas, and also found my 'voice.' Despite having been out of a classroom for over 30 years, I immediately felt comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere of Bob's classes. I also met many interesting people of different ages with varied backgrounds. The homework was interesting but always optional and Bob made the audio taped classes and visual aids available to all in case life got in the way of attending one (or more) of the classes. The seminars I attended were so worthwhile I have signed up for a third one!” 

~ Lisa Davis, Fulton 

“Bob is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraging advocate for writers at all levels. His Memoir Writing class was educational and enjoyable. The class was packed with helpful information and supplemented by extra sessions, an online classroom forum, and coordination of student presentations. Most of all, Bob helped to create a local community of writers. I look forward to more of his classes.” 

~ Barbara L Heller, Afton 

“I enjoyed the classes very much and thought the sharing of knowledge was awesome! The overall relaxed and caring attitude was very pleasant.”

~ June Williams, Nineva 

"Bob Comenole’s Memoir Writing class provided a semester’s worth of learning in a five week time span. His sense of humor combined with his writing expertise challenged and inspired me to implement an array of strategies and prompts into my everyday writing. Bob offered optional homework assignments each week to promote and improve our writing. Instead of submitting our writing to Bob for a grade we had the luxury of sharing with our writing peers through the class website. This was invaluable, an asset we can still access after the completion of our respective classes. I also incorporated the techniques through my blog to secure each lesson into my long term memory. Bob challenged us to be creative with our writing, encouraged us to share with our peers and modeled writing excellence. Ten hours of instruction was a catalyst for striving to always improve my writing craft. I’m thankful for Bob’s willingness and desire to encourage, promote and educate those with a passion for writing. I’m a better writer because of his motivation and knowledge." 

~ Lisa Buske, New Haven 

“I took Bob’s Personal Essay class, a genre of writing I’ve never explored before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Bob has a way of subtly pointing out bits of your writing that make you see how the reader might interpret it. I learned how important it is to write so the reader understands your meaning. There were many “aha” moments during the class. I wasn’t sure how much energy I’d have for the class after a full day of work, but each class was interesting, engaging, and fun. I quickly felt at ease with my classmates, many of whom I’d never met before and was comfortable sharing my writing with them for critique.”

~ Bonnie Perfetti, Oswego 

"Bob Comenole has the ability to motivate people, to encourage them to put experiences and ideas into written form. In his Memoir workshop, I found our small-group sharing during classes and the availability to connect with my classmates particularly supportive and helpful. Bob's willingness to offer archived web-links to his lectures and slide presentations to be reviewed at one's own pace was also beneficial, as much material was compressed into a very short period of class time." 

~ Allyson White, Binghamton 

“Bob is excellent at boiling down the complex processes of writing a novel to their most essential elements. He doesn’t press any one style or genre of writing but instead provides you with the universal tools needed to venture on the journey of writing a novel with more confidence and clarity of thought. Having never taken a creative writing class before his, I came in very nervous about reading my work aloud and having others appraise it.  Bob very quickly set a positive tone and created an environment that was comfortable. This was the major obstacle I had coming into the class, which Bob very effectively helped me overcome. Bob’s course both helped me to identify weaknesses in my writing and reassured me of the things I was doing intuitively but didn’t know for certain if they were correct. I would highly recommend taking Bob’s courses if you would like to gain a better understanding of the structure of a novel, along with a sense of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.”

~ Colin Taisey, Syracuse 

“I don’t know how Bob Comenole does it. Honestly. He is such a brilliant teacher that in the same lesson he can show writers who are beginning their journey a complex concept, say, increasing dramatic tension, and they understand exactly what he’s saying. Moreover those new writers leave with the ability to adopt that skill as their own. While at the same time someone who has been writing longer will be challenged to use that fundamental concept in new ways and improve their craft. I highly recommend Bob’s classes and encourage anyone, regardless of skill level, to enroll!”

~ Jennifer Bokal, Endwell, NY – author of Celtic Heart and The King of Avalon 

"I recently had the pleasure of taking my first public plunge into creative writing. I so enjoyed Bob Comenole's Personal Essay Class, for many reasons. His presentation of the background and essential elements of the particular style, his explication of examples from other published authors, and his well-structured but laid-back style—which allowed the class to freely share their work—was invaluable. By far the most significant part of the experience was the non-judgmental atmosphere that allowed each and every participant to feel safe enough to both give and receive constructive feedback in a manner that was well beyond timidly sticking one's big toe in at the water's edge. SPLASH!" 

~ Teresa Motz, Auburn 

“Bob is a gifted professor and writer who portrays his enthusiasm and his love of writing in meaningful and deliberate presentations. He gave us concrete direction on how to write quality work and guided the participants toward the key elements of composition and the publishing process. Sharing our written work on the class website was encouraged, and the small classes offered individual sharing opportunities with the professor. It was an honor to have been included and to have this type of course offered in our area. The courses offered at Creekside are inspiring, stirring the mind. The course materials, techniques, and methods provided me with the opportunity to rethink how I write, and to reflect on developing characters and scenes, as well as my use of vocabulary and more. The interactive teaching tools, the use of humor, the literary examples: all were helpful in the class presentations. It was fun to share work with others in the course, receiving insight on one’s own work, and learning how others use diction and sentence structures to engage the reader.” 

~ Sidney Beckwith, Auburn 

“Bob Comenole’s classes on memoir writing were just what I needed to get me to the computer with my fingers on the keys. The exercises evolved into what I think is an enjoyable piece. Thank you for getting me started again on a writing project that has been on the back burner too long.”

~ Phyllis Lake, Afton 

“I have always wanted to take a writing class. As an adult learner I think I was intimidated at the thought of going into a classroom setting and sharing my work with others. When I saw Bob Comenole’s course offering for Novel Writing advertised, I decided to take the chance and signed up for the four week class. Not only were the courses informative and fun, but Bob created an incredibly comfortable and open classroom setting. Each week I felt I was gathering with friends who all shared the same enthusiasm to learn. Not only did we participate in Bob’s lecture and lessons, but we were able to share our stories as a group and the feedback was invaluable! It was such an open and positive environment in which to learn. As Bob had promised the four weeks flew by, and I signed up for his second course offering, Writing for Children & Young Adults. I had a special interest in this particular course and was so pleased with the handouts, advice, lecture tapes, and sharing that took place in this class as well. I found myself (an occasional introvert) excited to come to each class and to share my work with others and to learn what my fellow classmates were writing about. 

All in all these courses were a wonderful learning and growing experience for me. I’m excited to write again and I find it great fun! Bob is a terrific teacher and a great nurturer. I highly recommend any writing course he has to offer.“ 

~ Denise Headd, Syracuse  

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Novel Writing class and the Children's Literature class with Bob at the helm. I received insights about where I am as a writer and also where I want to be. The group discussions were very helpful because each person brought a bit of their own writing experience to the table, and I learned a lot from the discussions as well as the lectures. Though we all had different backgrounds, we were all there for a common goal--to improve our writing techniques and to learn more. I feel privileged to have taken part in two of Bob Comenole's seminars and to have been in the audience of such a distinguished author.” 

~ Natalie Brabant, Marcellus 

"I gained valuable information, insight, experience and confidence while having fun participating in Bob Comenole's writer's workshop at Creekside Books. Bob helped establish a sense of community among the writers which enhanced the learning process as we experimented and practiced peer review. The group enthusiasm generated both inspiration and motivation to produce new prose. Concepts, techniques, and assignments were presented in a variety of creative, interesting and effective ways. I especially loved the emphasis placed on the competency of the reader and the encouragement Bob gave workshop participants to have faith that the audience will understand. I appreciated reminders that as writers we have an obligation to create, recreate, and reconstruct powerful emotional experiences in the reader's mind like a vivid and continuous dream. I highly recommend Bob's writing workshop for anyone who enjoys reading and writing!"

~ Leslie A. Camaione, Camillus 

"I truly enjoyed Bob's workshop. Not only is he a great instructor, but I also got to meet a group of talented and imaginative people from a variety of backgrounds who were also attending.  He taught me enough in just a few lectures to where I am armed and dangerous. His lectures were filled with great examples and his criticisms were always positive and helpful. I would recommend his classes to anyone."

~ Bruce Keller, Skaneateles 

"The Creekside Seminar is highly recommendable to new or more advanced writers. Bob Comenole knows and presents his lessons in a qualitative, enriching, and fun manner. Assignments are most meaningful and group interactions very helpful. Mr. Comenole's flexibility and his ever-willingness to answer questions, critique, and give constructive suggestions show his passion for teaching and the written word." 

~ Elisabeth Hurley, Skaneateles 

"I really enjoyed Bob Comenole and his teaching methods. His love of reading, language and writing was infectious. In just a short time I've improved my writing skills and feel more confident in creating a story. This was a very friendly group of people coming together to learn the elements of writing, voice, rhythm, and characterization for the purpose of becoming better writers. I really enjoyed the camaraderie. Everyone was sincere, friendly and participated with enthusiasm."

~ Ann Scholl, Skaneateles 

"Bob Comenole provided the perfect arena to harness ideas and steer them to the page. The classes lunged my writing progress from stable to finish line." 

~ Eileen Vitale, Skaneateles 

"I was thrilled to be apart of Bob Comenole's writing workshop. It helped me to be more confident with my writing. I was able to share stories that I held to be personal, and be proud of what I had written. I learned that everyone has a beautiful and amazing story inside of them. I love that he created an atmosphere where I felt comfortable enough to ask questions. It inspired me and helped me to generate new ideas and to expand upon the old ones.. I even enjoyed the constructive criticism at the end, for it was delivered in a manner that was not hurtful and helped me to see where my work could be improved. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in writing.. I loved this class and If you enjoy writing you will too!" 

~ Sarah Curtis, South Onondaga 

"The writing course I had with Bob Comenole was chock full of suggestions and advice that any novelist could use. The ideas for writing were well enumerated and written exercises reinforced his insights. Also, Bob was willing to teach far beyond the allotted class time so that his students would be even better prepared."

~ Tom Fogarty, Auburn 

"Participating in the Creative Writing workshop provided by Bob Comenole at the Creekside Bookstore has been one of the highlights of my winter. Bob served as coach and cheerleader as the group of participants learned the basics of the craft of writing, did "strengthening" exercises that stretched our writing skills in ways we had not imagined possible, then threw us into the real life situation of writing and presenting to an audience. He believed in our abilities and so wanted us to be successful that we surprised ourselves in the end. At our final presentation, he showed the audience the books we will write in the future, for which he had created book jackets complete with a title and a synopsis for our future magnum opus that we had given to him, along with our headshots and the awards the book had supposedly won. We were convinced that he had actually looked into the future. We all wanted to complete that book, and make our coach proud. I am convinced I will."

~ Kathryn Carlson, Skaneateles 

"Bob Comenole's workshop broke down the process of memoir writing into logical steps minimizing the feeling of being overwhelmed and intimidated by the process. The format of the class was comfortable allowing participants to work at their own pace and feel welcome no matter their level of writing experience. Bob is engaging and teaches with enthusiasm and passion. The class was a joy to attend."

~ Nancy Bailey, Jordan, NY 

"I took the Novel Writing class at Creekside on a whim. I had no prior experience in writing--just felt like it was something I wanted to try. From the first class I was hooked. Bob is a font of knowledge and from the beginning to the end he fills you with so much information, you can't help but be inspired to put pen to paper. I am continuing my classes with him and hope to someday be referred to as an author."

~ Judith Merritt, Auburn 

"I appreciated that we were encouraged to write with the reader in mind. I liked the assignment where we got copies of everyone's "piece" and had to make constructive comments on each piece to be returned the next week. I thought it helpful to respond to each other's pieces as readers: what worked and what didn't..." 

~ Bourke Kennedy, Skaneateles 

"Anyone can put words on paper, but do they have meaning? Is there imagery? Do they captivate the reader and draw them into the story? Does the story invoke emotion...what do you see in the words? These are just a few elements of what I learned at last winter's course by Prof. Comenole. It was also an opportunity to meet some great people that I would have never had contact with-a worthwhile experience!" 

~ Tom Adessa, Auburn 

"Since I had not written anything for over thirty years, I was afraid that my writing muscle might have atrophied, and that people in the work shop would wonder what on earth this woman was doing there. But once there, I quickly remembered how supportive writers are of one another and how important practical instruction is, and the big difference between criticism, which I did not feel, and constructive feedback, which I definitely received. And, it's great fun."

~ Elizabeth Weiss, Skaneateles  

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Memoir Writing course taught by Bob Comenole and gained valuable insight into my memoir writing journey.  This was my first attempt at writing and Bob was very supportive and made me feel like I belonged in a writing group. The class environment was a great way to receive positive feedback and to meet other aspiring writers. This course will help you organize and streamline your writing. In addition, Bob has a great way of helping you to focus your work and understand the necessary aspects of writing your own memoir. Whether you are an accomplished writer or just beginning, this is a great opportunity to hone your skills and to meet some great people who will motivate you to continue on your journey." 

~ Heidi Jay, Syracuse 

"As Bob said in our first class, ‘I am going to try to fit in as much information in 6 classes as I do in a semester.' Bob, you sure did! You are so passionate and give so much to each class: information and extra workshop time. You were able to blend our diversified group in one session. You are definitely an important stepping stone for my new writing career. I will remember you in my first book acknowledgement." 

~ Carolyn Crews, Elbridge, N.Y. 

"I participated in the course Writing Memoir & Autobiography, taught by Bob Comenole. The experience was informative and enjoyable. This course was meaty and the instructor taught us a lot in a short period of time without merely making it a sketchy experience. I found it most useful to learn about such topics as: memoir versus autobiography, myths that prevent one from pursuing a writing project, storytelling, and revision. With the instructor's help, we honed in on refining our work, while learning more about how work is viewed from the editor's eye. I especially valued learning how the reader experiences my work and how I can edit with their perspective in mind.  The environment for learning was laid back and personable. Many ideas were shared and explored by the others. The small group environment was a launching pad for positive growth in the progress of my journey in memoir writing." 

~ Fran Hansen, Auburn 

"Taking Bob's writing class was a leap of faith. I had not written in years, had not heard anything previously about the class, and felt the least literary of the group. But Bob's enthusiasm and teaching style had me chomping at the bit to write and running to the library for even more material on the craft!  A real fellowship developed in the class enriching the experience even further. Glad I made the leap."

~ Melissa Stahl, Marcellus 

"Bob teaches with precision and alacrity, sharing his vast knowledge of language from its origins to its development into the English we read and write. He has a well timed sense of humor and a tactful diplomacy that puts his students at ease, leveling the wide range of the students' writing skills.      I learned new things, re-learned things I had forgotten, and things I didn't know were there to learn! Bob is a teacher who leads, rather than lectures, and subtly empowers each student to bring forth their best in written material. I would recommend his classes to both the novice and veteran writer. It is the rare teacher who can inspire and connect with writers of such a wide range of ability and talent, and do so while creating classroom equanimity. The learning atmosphere in Bob's class is relaxed, non-judgmental and harmonious. The small class size optimizes learning from each other and creates a mutual fellowship." 

~ Mary Gentner, Auburn 

"Bob's Power Writing seminar enriched my writing in numerous ways. Bob took us seriously as writers, and listened well to what we had to say. He is a valuable asset to the creative culture of central New York. His assured teaching persona is professional and effective. Bob held high the torch of learning and I was enlightened, challenged and humbled to pursue writing for the audience he envisioned for us....  The public readings were a great bonus." 

~ Tom Law, Syracuse 

"Professor Robert Comenole's knowledge and skill in presenting the fundamentals of the creative writing process were exactly what I needed to clarify my understanding of what is required to develop my abilities as a writer. As a member of his workshop I listened, I learned. Everyone in our small group asked questions; we shared our inspirations. We were given a public forum to present ourselves and what we wished to communicate to others. I concluded his seminar with a renewed confidence in myself and the possibility of becoming a published writer. A truly enjoyable and positive experience."

~ Thomas E. Brennan, Auburn 

"Bob Comenole offered a great seminar for those who want to write for children and young adults.  His brief but robust curriculum was enhanced by constructive feedback given by both the other participants and Bob himself, and culminated with a public reading that was enjoyable for all.  Bob was more than willing to stay late and to discuss our work outside of class so that we had ample opportunity to work on our pieces before the final public reading.  I learned a lot about generating ideas, writing those ideas down, and working with them so that they become an age-appropriate story.  I hope to have an opportunity to take another class with Bob in the near future."

~ Laurie Jerva, Syracuse 

"Bob's Writing for Children and Young Adults course was a pleasant surprise! I have to be honest: I was not entirely excited about taking this course before it began; a friend asked me to sign up with him for something different to do. I reluctantly agreed. By the end of the first class I was hooked. Bob's way of teaching is fascinating; he goes into so many different aspects of what it takes to write a good children's book, and I found all of it to be very interesting and fun. The people in the class with me were such a great support system, too. I would take another class from Bob in a heartbeat."

~ Rachel Pultz Simmons, Skaneateles 

"I really enjoyed this course taught by Bob Comenole. It's great to receive so much insight from someone with experience writing for children and young adults. I feel more confident about my writing and enjoyed the classes, including the methods and exercises that helped to improve my stories. Everyone has a chance to participate in the classes, and it's a great opportunity to hear the work of other writers in addition to improving your own work. I especially liked the public reading at the end of the course; I loved reading my piece aloud and hearing everyone else's too. I would definitely recommend this writing workshop."

~ Ginny Hamlin, Skaneateles 

"Bob Comenole's workshop Power Writing was inspiring and motivating.  Prior to the seminar I had an idea for a young adult novel, and now, a few months later, the piece is underway.  Bob's enthusiasm and unique approach to studying the nuances of language caused me to look at my own writing from a new, refreshed perspective; I learned to infuse my sentences with meaningful, powerful language in order to create a clear voice and begin building interesting characters and a plot that hopefully will resonate with the reader.  If you share in the passion for the written word, I would highly recommend taking a workshop with Bob."

~ Sarah Ike, Syracuse  

"I would highly recommend taking any writing class offered by Bob Comenole. He is a thoughtful, kind, funny, and very knowledgeable instructor, and his love of teaching is clearly evident during class. I've always wanted to venture into fiction writing and found his class to be a safe place to ask questions and to reveal my novice ability. The workshop aspect of the class wherein a classmate's writing is dissected and discussed by the entire group is a golden opportunity to receive pure feedback that any writer would be a fool not to appreciate."  

~ Carrie Chantler, Skaneateles 

"Although I was a rookie writer and lacked confidence in class, Bob goes above and beyond the "call of duty" as a person and a teacher to make sure you succeed as a writer-as well as an individual-regardless of what you are writing. This was my first class, but certainly not my last. It definitely helped me!! Take Bob Comenole's classes! I truly believe Bob can make a writer out of anyone!"

~ Cheryl L. Seymour, Skaneateles 

"I am an older person starting out....so don't be afraid to sign up for a seminar. This writing class has opened up a whole new area of life for me. Meeting and sharing with people I have never met before has been a nurturing experience. Bob's way of teaching is so subtle and enjoyable: you don't really realize what you have learned until you leave class. He chips away at your thought and writing processes, so you will create with the reader in mind. Always with a smile... You can tell he loves his work.  He is a great catalyst."

~ Judy Morrisey, Skaneateles 

"I took Bob Comenole's memoir writing workshop and so should you!  Bob provides the perfect setting to get started writing your memoir.  Using a variety of examples and techniques, he explains the various aspects of memoir writing.  Participation is excellent.  Everybody shares bits and pieces of their lives.  I completed the workshop with a better understanding of what a memoir is and how to write one."

~ Steve Halebsky, Cortland 

“The memoir writing course offered by Bob Comenole was exactly what I needed to gain the confidence in proceeding with my book. Bob not only encouraged me to write what was true to my heart but also encouraged me to not worry about how others would perceive my work. The class was presented in an effective manner that was inclusive to everyone's needs and provided useful information for all. Even after the course was completed Bob remained as a valuable resource to my writing. He is easily accessible and willing to offer help anytime of day. I have already signed up for his Master Class and am looking forward to the public reading opportunities that come with it.”

~ Amy Quonce, Oswego 

“I attended the writing seminar not knowing who Professor Comenole was nor what to expect. I just sent one email to request to be in his seminar and the rest is history. Everybody calls him Bob. I was not very comfortable with that but I had to learn to call him Bob. Everything I learned in his seminar was new as I had never taken any writing classes at his level before. I have always had dreams of writing something and all my chapters were in different parts of my brain, but Bob opened them up. I am beginning to be hopeful that I will write those chapters.

Bob is an exceptional teacher. He speaks to all but you know he is speaking to you. He encourages you and gets you out of your comfort zone. His seminar is deep, stimulating and fun. My mind was in a box, focused on writing for a particular audience. Bob challenged me and asked me point blank, “Who says you can write for only one type of audience?” He opened my eyes and helped me realize that I was being naïve. You see I was focused on writing for African children and an African audience!! Now when I am thinking of writing something down, I think of what he said. I have come to realize that writing is universal, that whatever I write can be read and enjoyed in all parts of the world. I am so grateful to Professor Comenole for opening my eyes and unblocking my mind. I am now attending my second seminar with him, and I look forward to attending many more seminars. I really enjoy the classes, his professionalism, the seriousness of the people in class, the material the professor makes available to the class. You name it, it is there. I highly recommend his classes; don’t be afraid if you are as green as I was when I started or still are for that matter. Bob will resurrect some talents you never knew you had. So let the writing journey begin!”

~ Goretti Mugambwa, Binghamton 

"I found Bob's Memoir Writing class to be just was I was looking for. The memories of my family and my youth were swirling around in my head but I needed a framework to capture them and turn them into something readable. Bob's instruction and activities did just that for me. Not only was I able to get organized so that I could finish a manuscript, but I also have the tools I need for my future writings."

~ Jim Farfaglia, Oswego  

“I found the classes to be informative and organized. I enjoyed taking the Novel Writing course under Bob's instruction.” 

~ Emily Short, Marcellus 

“I’m so glad I took Bob’s writing courses! The first course on Memoir helped me focus on what I wanted to get across in my own writing. The second course, Writing the Personal Essay, re-enforced what I had learned and was a great transition. Both courses focused on content and how to look at putting ideas on paper. There wasn’t any boring time spent on grammar or punctuation, just on style: finding and expressing your own voice. It was a great learning experience!”

~ Dick Kaulfuss, Oswego 

“In the Memoir/Autobiography seminar led by Bob Comenole, I developed my writing skills and expanded my horizons about the possibilities of the memoir form. Bob offered a wealth of information, often in multi-media formats that made the seminars richly engaging. Bob encouraged us to become a writing community. We had the chance to respond to each other's writing in small groups, and to post on-line examples of our writing for class comments as well. Bob is very generous with his time, inviting us to participate in optional dinner meetings that included participants from both afternoon and evening seminars. In all of these venues, we were encouraged to share our own writing experiences. The class included both aspiring and experienced writers, but by the end of the course everyone showed more confidence in their writing voice and expressive style.” 

~ Doug Beattie, Vestal 

“Professor Comenole not only got me thinking about writing—he actually got me writing! I so enjoyed three of his classes: Writing Memoir, Constructing Your Novel, and Writing Literature For Children & Young Adults. I found his information about techniques and structure particularly useful. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie of his classes and the fact that he gave us deadlines…then was flexible with the deadlines! I plan to take more of his classes. I had sort of given up on my dream of writing, but since his classes I've been able to go to that special place of thinking about life in a different way that writing makes possible. He makes me feel like he believes in us and respects our efforts.”

~ Kathy Karlsen, Binghamton 

“As a novice writer, I was struggling with the concept of putting together a novel and the technical aspects of its construction. I discovered Bob's course, Constructing Your Novel, and attended it, hopeful that I would gain some direction. As I am blind, I needed to approach the class from a direction that did not include printed course material. Bob was extremely accommodating and creative in including me in all of the class exercises that were visual in nature. He took the time to have the slides and written material explained, either prior to the course or during the class, and I never felt at a disadvantage in his class. His creative methods of instruction allowed me to "see" where I needed to go with my writing. I learned the essential Do's & Don’ts, and practiced with homework assignments that reinforced skills taught. The best part of this course, as well as the children's writing seminar, was the time to share writing with classmates for constructive criticism. This might sound scary, but I learned more from this time with my peers and Bob than I ever could have on my own. The elements of writing, either for children or adults, come together best when guided by a professional, tested writer. Bob offers that in each of his courses, and allows the individual writer her creativity, while assisting her in the technical aspects of the craft. The practical knowledge I gained from Bob has made me a much better writer. His interactive style of teaching with various media lessons kept the classes fluid and interesting. Every piece of information was presented in a practical way. It was easy to understand and apply immediately to my writing. I left both courses armed with the tools I was seeking to be a better, more effective writer. I highly recommend any of Bob's courses, a bargain for the knowledge and assistance you will gain from them.”

~ Susan Storms, Auburn 

“I enjoyed Bob’s class. It opened up a whole new perspective on the world. I would definitely attend future sessions!

~ Kate Austin, Binghamton 

“I took Bob Comenole's Memoir Writing class hoping it would give me the inspiration I needed to put pen to paper. His open, thoughtful, interactive approach to group writing instruction was fun and worthwhile. Bob uses great examples of writing within the genre that he's teaching to show that there's more than one way to approach an awaiting project, and he's always constructive when giving feedback or suggestions to improve a student's work. He keeps the class interesting with great multimedia presentations and exercises that force his students to think like writers, and posts his lessons on a website set up for the purpose. The website also allows the students to see and comment on each other's works in progress, so those who wish may stay in touch when class is not in session. What I enjoyed the most about the class was the way that Bob gave each and every student the attention they needed without condescension or impatience. That helped me stay inspired and confident in my ability to write something valuable. That to me, was worth the price of admission. I am really happy to now consider myself proud alumnus of the Waterline Writer's Academy, and I plan to enroll in another seminar again soon.“

~ Nancy Oliveri, Binghamton  

“I have just completed the Writing Academy's seminar on Memoir. The chief benefit I have gleaned is how best to express emotion in my writing: express emotion through conversation rather than description. In addition to breaking the monotony of prolonged description, the effect of this technique is a more powerful, more intimate narrative. In short, my writing has come alive. The Academy's informal classes, combined with Bob's utilization of technology to supplement his teaching, can't help but improve one's understanding of the writer's craft. He makes the creative process, which is so uniquely satisfying to a writer, even more so. I plan to sign up for another seminar shortly. I hope to see you there.”

~Adeline Hinman, Endicott, NY 

“The Memoir Writing course is a solid introduction to the genre, and Bob’s teaching style incorporates visuals, exercises, and class interaction in a way that makes the content memorable. I learned from Bob's experience and teaching and also from being immersed in a group of fellow writers; the workshop creates a relaxed environment where writers can hear feedback and grow. Memoir Writing was an enjoyable, enlightening experience to a genre that is increasingly popular.”

~Stephanie Smith, Binghamton 

“English is my second language, and I never had a college class of writing or literature. What was I doing in a writer's class? Bob has an expanded knowledge of all sorts, I believe he speaks two foreign languages. But he never intimidates anyone with it, rather welcomes with his humor. He sets the tone for a respectful class and gives his time freely for any extra help: even on a Sunday afternoon when I was ready to quit the class he talked to me at the phone for at least ½ an hour, giving me guidelines, instructions, critiques. His memoir class enriched me so much. I now have learned about techniques to write, listen and critique others, made many friends, have a circle of writers to help each other and trust in myself to stand in front of people to read.”

~ Conny Horne, Bainbridge 

“I took Bob's Memoir Writing course in autumn, 2010. From the first session, I took away information and an attitude that has put me on course to do the writing I've long intended. Not only did I learn technique, but I gained an understanding of what I have been attempting to do, and how to do it better. Every session provided practical tips and valuable insight. Bob's style made us all immediately comfortable and confident. He provided guidance and a quiet nudge to move us toward doing the work without rumination. I will be signing up to take more of his classes.”

~ Maggie Kirkaldy, Binghamton 

“If you are at all hesitant about signing up for one of Bob’s writing courses, don’t be. Bob is so supportive and encouraging that you won’t want the class to end!”

~Rosanne Norris, Binghamton 

“Spending a weekend focused on creative writing techniques was a pure treat and definitely out of the ordinary for me. What made it all the more extraordinary was our teacher, Bob Comenole, who spent a whole weekend sharing his writing prowess with us. He has a way of illuminating the process so that you see your own writing through fresh, new eyes. Bob is generous with his time and talents in a way that I think is very uncommon. Finding him was just the serendipity my writing needed!”

~ Gail Kuhnlein, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

“I attended Bob's memoir class, the first that he offered in the Binghamton area. As a novice writer, I had no expectations of the course. My sole goal was to write more. I quickly realized that this course was much more than simply a prompt-writing course. Bob's class structure allowed for me to learn fundamental writing lessons. His generosity in posting his classes online has proved beneficial time and again, allowing me to quickly access and review lessons. His teaching style allowed this class to become a community of writers, and the public reading he set up allowed for both a goal and a challenge. I left his first course having reached my goal of writing more, but with the added benefit of becoming comfortable in my own writing style. Since the first course, a number of our classmates have kept in touch and started a writing group, yet another benefit of his class, and one that will continue to be valuable in the future. When Bob offered a Master memoir class, I was excited to enroll. This class allowed us to grow more familiar with each other as writers. This class is primarily peer review with light instruction peppered throughout. I found this class very helpful, allowing writers who were already familiar with each other to delve deeper into their works of choice. This course left me with confidence in my writing, something I hadn't realized I needed. I am thrilled to be an alumni of Bob's Denim Poet Society and will certainly be taking classes in the future.”

~ Sarah Roche, Binghamton 

“The nice thing about the structure of Bob's course is reflected in ‘assignments’ and homework. They are optional. Do as little or as much as desired, or modify it to suit. The student ultimately controls output and direction. The teacher guides and inspire.”

~ Bob Marcuson, Red Creek 

"As an amateur writer, I found Bob's poetry class a joy. Full of energy, information and humor, Bob created a small group setting that was pleasant to be a part of. Bob's teaching style is easy to follow and his knowledge of the subject is expansive. I finished the class having a better grasp of the material, and hope to use what I have learned for years to come!"

~ Rebekah Grimes, Moravia 

“I attended Bob Comenole's Short Story Writing Seminar, and I would highly recommend it if you are interested in writing short stories. The five-week course is packed full of information: from devising themes and characters to distinguishing between the various kinds of short stories to advanced writing techniques. He gives you a lot to think about.  Bob is very laid back and supportive, and he teaches in a very relaxed environment. It was good for me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and different!”

~ Karen Rowe, Phoenix  

“I took Bob's Memoir seminar not knowing what to expect and came away with more tools and confidence to branch out, not only in memoir writing, but in other genres as well. Bob helps his students open many doors: he develops their potential and builds upon what they have already created. He advocates useful tactics/methods such as incorporating a keen voice, honing a distinctive style, developing a solid structure and serving up a piece of writing that separates itself from other writers’ work. By providing his students with a forum to discuss and analyze published pieces and by giving time to write and share our material with classmates made this class worthwhile for me. Bob offered his professional perspective on keeping a healthy balance of discipline (still working on that!), patience, and perseverance in the writing process. If you take Bob's seminar, be prepared to explore inspiring work and engage in the memoir writing journey.”

~ MaryEllen Gilroy, Binghamton 

“Bob Comenole's Spring 2011 Short Story writing class was my entry into learning to perfect this craft. I had just published a book in the field of health care and wanted to begin writing stories for magazines and literary journals. During the five weeks of classes, I began to see improvement in my work. I especially benefited from Bob's steady delivery of ideas, examples, and challenging assignments; I continue to refer to my class notes, as well as to consult with him about my writing.”

~ B. Bianca Podesta, Ph.D., Binghamton 

“When I started a writing class with Professor Comenole I expected some good ideas, instruction on how to write, and corrections of my often not so good English (English is a second language for me). I got all of that and so much more! Bob presented material in a way that helped me understand things I had never thought about before. But that was nothing in comparison to what this unusual teacher offered on top of everything else: every once in a while he explained the origin of certain words, some of which I might have been able to trace back from French through Latin to Greek. But Bob would lead much further back to some words’ roots in Arabic, some even to India. To get a glimpse of these exciting connections between words and languages halfway around the world made the writing class a real adventure.”

~ Marie Theres Duenkelsbuehler, Skaneateles 

“Most of the other people in the class I took with Bob Comenole were veterans, having taken up to eight of his classes before. After just one or two sessions, I understood why. He is full of writing knowledge and experience, and he shares it enthusiastically. He treats everyone as an equal...listening kindly and giving feedback that is respectful and constructive.”

~ Lori Ruhlman, Skaneateles 

“Every 20 years it turns out I take a writing class: college in 1954, Christina Baldwin's class in 1974, then Bob's Memoir seminar. I knew it was time to enroll. Very happy I did. I learned 21st century technology in a most helpful manner: a web site was made available to us; other helpful digital resources were offered by Bob. I experienced clear teaching, surrounded by peers who shared great stories and critiques. He always offered to meet individually with class members who wished for more specific instruction and assistance. His knowledge and experience in teaching writing was invaluable. I highly recommend his classes for anyone interested in writing. In 20 years I'll be 91 and ready to learn again.”

~ Molly Schneider, Oswego 

“Bob's classes are great! He is a knowledgeable and introspective instructor who teaches his students what good writing is and isn't. Not only do you gain important tools and techniques, but ways to access your own feelings, memories, and ideas that allow you to write, revise, and even publish. No matter what course you take, you come away a little more inspired.”

~ Joanne Henry, Oswego 

“I attended Bob’s seminar on the Short Story.  As I sat through the class I came to realize that the art of the short story unfolds before us in a variety of ways but that they all have a certain design that allows them to flow.  Bob gave us some unique “tricks of the trade” that encouraged us to experiment with our own style and learn from the process. The sharing of our personal writings during the class provided us with the feedback necessary to adjust, review and revise our writing so that it would be interesting to people who shared a penchant for that style writing. We also learned to accept and work with the concept that one style will not engage all readers. As a lifelong educator, I was able to see the vision that he was trying to impart to us and work with it. I found his techniques resourceful, useful and thought provoking. As a person beginning to embrace the art of writing for pleasure, I was able to come away from the course with an understanding of my own direction and ways to work on implementing my creativity.”  

 ~ Vicki Milunich, Binghamton 

“For all my hesitation about taking Bob Comenole’s poetry seminar, it turned out to be my favorite of the three courses I've taken. I had fun. My favorite experience in each of the three seminars I've taken is when we read our work. In those moments Bob provides insightful and helpful critiques of a student's writing. The critiques were most beneficial for me. It's obvious from his feedback and instruction that he has depth and breadth of knowledge about all writing genres. Impressive. I really appreciate his insight." 

 ~ Mary Ann Donahue, Oswego 

“I have taken Bob Comenole’s Memoir, Essay, Novel, and Children’s Writing seminars. Bob presents the material in an organized way. He is a good teacher who knows how to inspire his students and to enable us to move at our own pace. Originally, I planned to take one class, but I got really hooked on his classes and on writing. Clearly, he brings his teaching experience and own writing expertise to the classes. He provides a supportive environment which helps us to want to continue learning and to form a community of writers. I needed some inspiration along with practical information, and I got both from these classes.”

~ Marcia Guardia, Binghamton 

“I recently completed a course in writing for children and young adults by Bob Comenole. It had been a long time since I'd been a classroom setting. I was quite apprehensive but my wife convinced me to take the plunge and I’m glad I did. Bob put my classmates and me at ease within the first few minutes with his gentle, informal approach to teaching. He also fostered a sense of camaraderie over competition among his students. He was extremely thorough on the subject, offering helpful tools on becoming a better writer and providing useful insight into getting the work out there. I highly recommend Bob Comenole as a writing teacher and coach. So, if you’re feeling hesitant like I was about taking a writing class, ‘Get over it! as my wife said to me, and take that leap of faith—you’ll be glad you did.”

~ Bill Phillips, Binghamton 

“Bob's course broadened my perspective. Instead of simply focusing on what I want to say in a story or how I feel it should go, I've learned what elements make up a good story and what common mistakes to avoid. By understanding common errors, I'm able to better criticize my work and thus communicate my ideas more effectively and with greater speed then before. This has made my writing process smoother and more enjoyable.”

~ Becky LeFevre, Batavia 

“Over the years I have made some attempts to capture in writing some of the things that are particularly important to me. I have some scattered notes and a head full of memories but that's about all to show for all these years of living. Now I have reached "that point" in my life when there is ample time for reflection on the many things that I am interested in; lucky for me I saw the ad for "Personal Essay Writing Class." Even with missing 2 of the classes I have come away inspired to really write. Bob's class was fun and informative, and challenging, and well organized. The recording of the classes is a huge benefit; over the last month I have sat in the coffee shop listening to the classes I missed and the ones I attended. I have even met an aspiring playwright and doctoral candidate and we are meeting as a group of "writers." I would never have thought it possible! Thanks, Bob!!”

~ Richard Beatty, Batavia 

“Bob Comenole is an excellent teacher as well as a source of encouragement to step into new forms of writing and communicating. I appreciated his constant return to identifying the audience for whom you are writing and putting emphasis on the story versus any message. I would recommend him as a teacher because of his ability to recognize and accept the differences in approach as well as experience of his students. In a workshop of just five classes on Writing for Children and Young Adults, Bob was well organized with clearly defined objectives and materials that provided practical guidelines for moving forward with writing for children. I was especially pleased with his emphasis on re-inhabiting your child’s mind. He moved us back to our childhood (no matter how long ago that was) to recognize the language and interests of our audience.

Bob was also able to develop a comfortable camaraderie among the class members. Besides encouraging questions and contributions in class, he provided us with a website where we could share some of our ideas and sample writings and gain input from others. Also, the final class was very helpful where we each shared one of our writings and had a chance to critique these as a class. His emphasis on starting with positive observations before moving to questions and suggestions gave each person a chance to feel appreciated, which helped one to be open to suggestions.”

~ Maggie “Tumbleweed” Streitenberger, Oswego 

"In reading comments from other students of Bob's I can honestly say that I do not disagree with anything that has been written about him and the various courses he offers. Bob is professional, insightful and has a wealth of knowledge to offer concerning his craft. His classes are welcoming and relaxed, helping to create a wonderful learning environment. I look forward to taking additional classes with Bob in the future."

~ Charles Cirillo, Batavia 


“When I first learned about Bob Comenole's Creative Writing Courses at a local bookstore, I was intrigued. My daughter and I took Bob's class, Writing for Children and Young Adults. We were impressed with Bob's teaching style and his ability to quickly learn each student's name and easily involve everyone in the class discussions. The amount of material covered in a two hour session was vast and comprehensive. From day one Bob made it clear that homework was not required as we were not being graded, but he inspired creativity and a desire to write well so that everyone always seemed to be prepared with whatever homework assignments he suggested we do each week. Not only were the classes filled with helpful information, Bob readily made himself available to his students via e-mail or phone in order to answer any questions or clarify information. A novice, such as myself, walks away from this class feeling positive about the possibilities and a desire to walk right into another one of his classes.”

~ Kim A., Akron 

“I took the Personal Essay course and along with the class for Writing for Children and Young Adults. Before the class, I didn't write a lot of personal essays or pieces for children, but after the class I found myself doing it more. I got a lot of great information out of both classes, and now as I write I am able to use my new knowledge of writing. It was a great experience!”

~ Jeanette Elia, Batavia 

“Writing for Children and Young Adults course was well thought out and executed. I have to admit I started with this course thinking, ‘how hard can it be to write a children's book?’ Much more difficult than I thought, but in my overwhelming assessment of this large task I had undertaken, Bob was a constant calming force, reminding us all that inspiration is everywhere. He provided us with a diverse range of writing exercises to spark our inner child. Great class, I will be back.”

~ Amy Dumas, Oswego  

“The writing classes for children and young adults were great fun! But who knew there was so much psychology behind writing for the young ones? Bob is an effective and enjoyable instructor and I'd encourage any would-be writers to sign up for his classes.”

~ Joan Kolp, Oswego 

"I loved Bob Comenole's writing class. I also loved spending a few hours with other adults who like to write. I was so nervous the first night of class that I actually felt ill. Bob's warmth and sense of humor quickly eased all the nauseous sensations I was feeling. My mission was to get in touch with the me-ness of my self again and to write a little bit...and I accomplished that mission. I would love to take another one of Bob's classes." 

~ Kristina Henson, Skaneateles 

"I’ve taken several writing courses before and attended many  conferences over the last ten years. Bob clarified so many industry  "buzz words" in the first two classes—better than any instructor  I've had to date. The Memoir course was packed full of useful  information. Bob is an engaging, inspiring teacher. He also has a  knack for drawing in delightful people who love to write and building  a community with them. I learned so much, was inspired to dig into  some of my dusty old manuscripts, and connected with some like-minded  writers. Bob's courses are worth much more than you pay for them!"

~ Elizabeth Garufi, Binghamton 

"Professor Bob Comenole's laid-back teaching style along with his thought-provoking advice and ability to keep class discussion moving forward were a couple of the many reasons this seminar resonated with me. The written and audio resource material he provided were invaluable. Writing is a solitary endeavor and it is important to meet with like-minded kindred spirits on a regular basis to keep the creative juices flowing. Thanks Bob!"

~ Tracy Fowler, Watertown 

“As an artist, I was in hopes of gaining some insight into how to incorporate writing into my drawing journaling and gain confidence in doing so; I’ve never been a writer nor have I had any writing training other than Comp 101 in college. In Bob’s very first class, though, I got a pleasant surprise in that I felt encouraged to try this. Bob’s wit, humor and easy-to-understand dialog with students put me completely at ease. As they say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  I ventured and I most definitely gained!” 

~ Martha Lava, Watertown 

“I enjoyed Bob’s seminar. It was informative, relaxed, and it clarified things about the writers block. I am looking forward to taking many more classes and seminars from Bob.”  

 ~ Jane Neely, Watertown 

"Bob's Overcoming Writers Block workshop gives writers the tools they need to approach writers block from a new perspective. Nobody can ever master writers block, but with Bob's help, you can discover a way of managing it."

~ Pat Morgan, Watertown 

“The Keeping a Writer’s Journal class was dynamic! Bob taught us how to take the time and just write: it doesn’t all have to be perfect or profound. He gave us the permission to experiment with our writing. He also taught us that writing each day will create a more intense awareness of the world around us. I have done just that and find that sometimes I write a piece that I’m proud of, other times not so much. Thank you, Bob, for the permission to just take the time to write and enjoy the ride.” 

~ Barbara Eldridge, Watertown