Since 1981, Bob Comenole has been leading professional writing groups of all kinds. In 1986 he began his college teaching career, and for the next 20 years taught writing, literature & communications at several colleges, including Miami University, Siena College, the State University of New York and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming "anything itinerant." A nomad by nature, Mr. Comenole has received several awards for his teaching, scholarship and writing. He is the author of Bushel & Lamp and The Long Night of Clement C. Craggogre; his newest collection of short stories, Perplexed by the Egg & Other Stories, is due out in September, 2014. His novel, God's Cot, will be issued in 2015. Material of his has also appeared in The Black River Review, Café Irreal, Transition, and other small reviews; he recently published two serial novellas in several newspapers. In the 1990's, he was producer of the children’s television series Storybrook, which featured renderings of some of the twenty children’s books he has written. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, former director of a community non-profit, and a long time social activist. 

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- Communications in Organizations {graduate level}
- Literature: The Human Experience
- Women's Literature
- Rhetoric & Writing
- Etymology
- History of the English Language
- Composition & Critical Reasoning
- African-American Literature
- Public Speaking
- Literary Forms: The Novel
- Linguistics
- 20th Century American Fiction
- The Novella
- Studies in Short Fiction
- Technology for Teachers
- Technical & Professional Communication
- Computer Applications in Media
- Major American Authors: Poe & Dickinson
- 19th Century American Poetry
- Independent Studies in Journalism
- English as a Second Language: Expository Writing
- Modernism
- Honors Creative Writing
- Study Skills