New Voices

CONTENTS OF NEW VOICES (Syracuse, Auburn, Skaneateles)

Elizabeth Hepburn Weiss  1
The End of Summer                

Beverly Ann Scholl  7    
Ever After    
The View    
Movin’ In    

MBE Gentner  24
Once Upon a Bike: A Father’s Journey    
Beauty and Other Things        

Marie Theres Dünkelsbühler  34
Toy Dress
Fallen Leaves
Water, Waves, Rocks
These Long Summer Evenings

Frances Hansen  44

Carrie Chantler  61
Count Me Out

Bob Doolittle  66
The King of Kindness

Heidi Doheny Jay  83
When Will I Get My Answer?

Nancy F. Bailey  92

Kathryn Carlson  99
Baseball Memories

Tom Adessa  107
Wedding Poem
Listen to a Sunrise
A Selfless Thought

Sarah J. Turner  118 
A Woman’s Place

Joyce Barnett  129
The Ghost of Lent Cove

Bourke Kennedy  138
Dance Class
Open Sesame
Ed, I Am
Time Piper

Sheila Palmer Chilson  160
Sondra’s by the Sea

Stephen Halebsky  181
Talking to Mary

Wendy Kopley  188
A Lesson Not Yet Learned

Sarah Curtis  195
The Dark Crystal
It Matters to Me

Elisabeth Hurley  211
How the Nazis Warped the Spirit of Carnival    
A Special Tribute: September 2001

David Couch  222
The Christmas Clock

Joanne Mark  231
Just an Old Walking Stick
Rose-Colored Glasses

JC Merritt  241
Jensen Beckett, New Age Vampire

Leslie Camaione  251

Bruce Keller  256
There’s No Biz
In a Bar
Lucy Pendragon
The Assignation
The Mistake

Carolyn M. Crews  283
They Never Do!
See the U.S.A. in our Chevrolet
Search Lights
Big Foot!
Alice in Wonderland?

Virginia Hamlin  298
Monsters in the Basement

Laurie Jerva  304
Santa's Stinky Breath

Judy Morrissey  307

Daniel Glaza  315
Puzzle Boxes
Molten Land and Volcanic Air

Margaret Baum  321
Looking Glass

Cletus Capitano  327
The Man in the Painting Speaks to the Poet
Orioles in the Mist
Matador of the Sun
Crossing the Bitterroots